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On completion of our online program you will receive a certificate from the Excellence pediatric program

stating you have successfully completed 175 hours of postgraduate studies in chiropractic pediatrics. (Please note that completion of the quizzes at the end of each module is NOT a requirement. You may wish to proceed through the program without answering the examination questions. The choice is yours.) CE credits are provided for most states.  

In addition after completion of this program you will be automatically accepted to our  4 Day Chiropractic Pediatric Hands On Clinical Rotation. This covers 6 hours of class instruction and 20 hours of hands on clinical instruction on all major components of pediatric chiropractic. This includes exam skills, spinal and cranial adjusting techniques. You will be working with real children, babies and toddlers!  At this point you graduate the Hands on Program with 200 hours with the Paragon Diploma.  For the next 4 days you are now eligible to teach basic chiropractic pediatrics to our chiropractic students who will join us for a chiropractic mission trip. The Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship is a work-based route into teaching. ... You'll receive a combination of classroom teaching and hands on instruction to chiropractic students from various chiropractic colleges.  If you choose our 4 day teaching program, there will be no fee for the teaching experience. In fact, we include your room and board at the Codevi Hotel during this teaching experience. After completing the 4 day chiropractic pediatric teaching experience you will be awarded  "The Avatar Diploma."  You will now have completed 250 hours of Post Graduate Education.

In addition after completion of this program you will be automatically accepted to our three month pediatric chiropractic residency program! If you chose the residency program you would be on call every day for three months to adjust new born babies and/or adjust pregnant mom’s moments before birth. You will adjust hundreds of children and pregnant moms each week. You will live and eat at the Mission Life International orphanage. You will serve at several other orphanages and several hospitals.

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